Arts + Crafts vs Show & Tell WINNERS!!

Sorry this took so long everyone, but we received a large amount of entries to this contest and wanted to make sure that we gave them our full attention to go through them all. 58 in total!!

YOU amazed us!! The concepts and passion you all show in your yoyoing is just so inspiring!! Thank-you so much for taking the time to enter our contest and to step outside of the comfort zone of the standard clip video to show us why you love the types of tricks you do and why you do them.

Well Adam and I picked our favourites … and here they are:

For Show & Tell we have Josh Yee, who took the time to show us Boing-e-boing. We loved the way you put this video together, with the narration and explanation on why it’s your favourite trick. Plus how you added in so many variations. It was just so well done. Great work!!!

CLYW Boing e boing from Jayyo on Vimeo.

For Arts + Crafts we picked Reginald Dias as our winner, with his trick Melancholy. He really showed the evolution of a trick that really meant so much to him. With guidance from some of his friends to the challenges he was faced with in life, Melancholy was born. Such a great trick … I can definitely tell how much you have improved over the last year. Amazing stuff!!

Thank you everyone who took the time to enter our contest!! Thank you Adam Brewster for coming up with such a great contest concept!! Josh, Reggie … I’ll be in touch with you shortly!!

Here are some honorable mentions that we thought were really great as well:

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