Anthony Rojas is art in motion. Watching him throw return tops is like watching a thousand divergent thoughts suddenly coalesce into a single, insistent concept that changes shape depending how the light hits it. And we aren’t exaggerating at all, which is kinda crazy.

Anthony has long been considered one of the most uniquely creative yoyo players in the world, and we’ve been fans since he first started making noise on the contest scene back in 2009. He’s humble, intelligent, amazing with a return top, a great artist and graphic designer, and truly fun and inspiring to be around.

We like this guy a lot, and it’s an honor for us to be able to support such a rare and incredible talent.

Birthday: March 12th, 1991
Hometown: Riverside, California
Added to the team: March 2016
Handed: Right
Discipline: 1A
Favorite Throws: Borealis, Chief
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Favorite Food: In N Out Burger
Interesting Fact: I’m 1/2 Hispanic, 1/4 African-American, and 1/4 Vietnamese
Other Interests: art, design, music production, other skill toys, video games, anime
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