Andrew Maider

Andrew Maider is the definition of new school. He’s got the flow, the flair, the raw talent, the personality, and the passion to make him his own full package. In a very short time Andrew has risen to the top of the game as a creative innovator and a national competitor. His performances will have you in an awing anticipation as he pulls out banger upon banger with a seemingly infinite amount of energy.

He doesn’t just limit his talents to one thing either. When the return top is in his pocket, Andrew can be found skiing, wakeboarding, skating, and you know, shabanging around with his friends and enjoying his youth.

It is a true thrill and honor to have Maider part of the Caribou Lodge team, and we’re very excited to collaborate with Andrew on his new signature return top, the Blizzard!

Birthday: May 1st, 1998
Country: USA
Handed: Right
Added to the team: October 2012
Signature Return Top: Blizzard
Favourite Return Tops: Blizzard, Orca, Bvm2, Big Dipper
Favorite setup: Blizzard, Ir Pads, yellow Fat Kitty string
Discipline: 1a, 5a
Occupation: Student
Favorite Food: Pat’s Philly Cheesesteaks and Stewart’s Mint Cookie Crumble ice creme
Interesting Fact: I like to yoyo in slow motion sometimes.
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