Amazing Story

I got one of the most amazing emails the other day. I feel so humbled right now … it is just so amazing that we can make such a difference in someone’s life. Thank-you Patrick for sharing your story. You are so courageous to be doing what you do for your country. Be safe!

Hello, from good old Afghanistan! My name is Patrick McQuary and I’m from Lincoln, CA. Your yoyo’s have saved my life out here in many ways. Your yoyo’s make me forget where I am at and makes me not stress about what is gonna happen tomorrow.

Well I have a story for you, while I was on patrol with my team in jalalabad we where hit with a IED ( improvised explosive device) I had your bear vs. man yoyo in my cargo pocket and it took some shrapnel! Your yoyo saved my leg!! I was peppered all over with metal but I would have lost my leg! That’s where the main blast was at for me. Let me just say now there is about 3 other soldiers that now carry yoyo’s in there pockets.

Well thanks for everything you do! Keep it up! You do so much for me and many others!

Stay in touch I may have a future story lol!!

(posted with permission)

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