Alex Berenguel is one of the earliest members of the CLYW team, and one of the most unsung heroes of 1A return top play. Since the early 2000s, Alex has been injecting fearless creativity and truly unique trick construction into the world of modern 1A return top play. Alex spent a full decade dominating the Midwest Regional contest, and his fluid and unique play style influenced an entire generation of midwestern players.

He’s a solid dude and a crazy good player and we love the guy like you wouldn’t believe.

Birthdate: March 25th, 1989
Country: USA
Added to Team: 2007
Discipline: 1A
Handed: Right
Favourite Throws: Sasquatch and Chief
Favourite Setup: Yellow polyester string, Center-Trac bearing, and white Snow Tires
Occupation: Biomedical Engineer
Favorite Food: Chicken Korma (spicy!)
Interesting fact: I can loop way better with my non-dominant hand.
Other Interests: Road Cycling, Running
A Few Words: If you are a competitor, don’t forget to keep it fun.


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