Alec campbell

The young, the talented, the wish I was as handsome, Alec Campbell!

Alec is one smooth criminal, always putting out something fresh that only he could pull off. He has this unique blend of new and old school vibes to him, making for a straight up classy individual. As a three time Kansas State Champion, Alec also has the ability to throw down his beautiful ensemble of tricks on stage, leaving the audience with a deceivingly effortless impression of, “it was nothin”. Alec is also a very talented photographer, shoots some of the most stunning videos, and is straight up a funny dude.

We are stoked to be able to support Alec in all of his ventures and be a witness to his progression.

Birthday: July 13th 1995
Country: United States
On CLYW Since: October 2011
Discipline: 1a
Handed: Right
Favourite Throws: Orca, Avalanche, Chief, and Scout
Favourite Setups: Snow Tires, Concave Bearing, and White or Yellow Kitty String
Occupation: Human
Favorite Food: Colorado Burritos and Cereal
Interesting Fact: Still watch VHS Tapes.
Other Interests: Photography, Film, and Cars
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