Alann herrera

Alann “Hotpocket” Herrera is a low-key genius with return tops, a hell of photographer, and a solid dude to just hang out with. While some people struggle to reach the top of the competitive game, Alann focuses on playing for the sheer joy of creating and smoothing out tricks that look and feel good.

If you spot him at a contest, you’re most likely to find him sipping a cold orange cream soda at the side of the stage, camera in hand, snapping the photos that will frame your memories of the day. We love this dude, and we love giving him a greater platform for his smooth tricks, dry humor, and gorgeous photography.

Alann has been a good friend and we’re honored to have him as part of our team.

Birthday: July 28, 1999
Currently living: San Jose, CA
Handed: Right
Discipline: 1A
Fav return tops: Chief, AC2, Orca, Snow Lzzard, Peak 2, and Creep
Occupation: Copyright associate, freelance content creator
Other interests: Photography, film making, sleeping, eating, and more sleeping
Favorite food: Anything edible but ramen, sushi, and stroop waffles have a special place in my heart
Interesting fact: I used to be a sandwich artist for a really ghetto subway
Just for fun: Paul Escolar, Boxthor, and JD gave me my nickname “Hotpocket” on our way to BLC 2011
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