Advance Scout – Available Jan. 8th / 10 PM EST

The Advance Scout will be available tomorrow, Thursday, January 8th at 10 pm EST, only at! (Check the “BUY” link in the navigation at the top of the site.)

The Scout is the new signature return top for 2014 Czech and Slovak National Champion, Petr Kavka! Taking the best elements from the Chief and Bonfire, we crafted a competition-optimized return top exactly to Petr’s specs. This “prototype version” is the same as the ones that Petr used to win a slew of contests last year!

There are only 214 pieces available total, and this prototype version of The Scout will never be produced again. (The final version of The Scout will feature a different hub, inner cup design, and weight distribution and will be released in mid/late 2015.) The Advance Scout comes in a specially stamped box, and includes a string and embroidered CLYW Pickaxe patch. 

Here’s the color breakdown for all you collectors:

Black: 51
Orange: 53
Blue: 49
Clear: 47
Pink: 14

Orders will begin shipping next week, and you’ll get shipping confirmations with tracking numbers as soon as your order ships. Thanks, everyone!

Advance Scout Specs

Diameter: 56.48mm
Width: 43.5mm
Gap: 4.2mm
Weight: 67.07 grams
Response: Snow Tires
Bearing: Central Bearing Company CTX

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