Adrian Velez

Adrian Velez is the nicest guy to ever nice guy and if you’ve ever met him you know….he’s a heck of a nice guy. 

Adrian consistently hits finals at whatever contests he’s able to attend when he’s not neck-deep in medical textbooks studying osteopathic medicine. He’s got brains, he’s got looks, and he’s got a heart as big as all outdoors. 

He’s also pretty dang good with a return top. Welcome to the team, Adrian!


Birthday: July 26, 2000
Hometown: Minnesota
Currently Living In: Missouri
Handed: Right
Added to the team: July 2023
Handed: Right
Favorite return tops: Chief, Otter, Klondike,
Favorite Setup: Otter, NSK DS Platinum, Summer Tires, Yellow Old OT normal
Discipline: 1A (3a for fun)
Occupation: Medical School Student
Other Interests: Pokemon, Kendama, Fashion, Mario Kart, and Anime
Favorite Food: Udon, Takoyaki, Tacos, and Arroz con gandules
Interesting Fact: I received a free pair of Travis Scott Air Force 1 sails from Trinidad James for singing the theme song of Full Size Run while yoyoing. I was supposed to be in a music video for him as well but did not come into fruition.


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