Adam Brewster is a pioneer of modern day play. Adam has and continues to discover and execute probably the most bizarre, insanely impressive concepts a human mind can muster up. Like a veteran miner digging deep underground to find the most precious jewels, Adam plucks those gems off the ether and then polishes them to a buttery smooth finish.

He also happens to be an incredible person, a great friend, and a very long time supporter of Caribou Lodge. Now married and working full time, Adam still finds enough minutes in a day to bust out a new video every so often and get us out of our chairs. And when he’s not doing so, you can catch him out crafting a batch of beer, brewing a fine cup of coffee, or sitting down to a good book of Theology.

We love Adam, but then again, everyone does!

Birthday: June 6th, 1986 (born on National Return Top Day!)
Country: USA
On CLYW Since: Christmas Eve 2008
Discipline: 1a & 5a (and dabbles of other things)
Handed: Left
Favourite Throws: Orca, Chief, and Sasquatch
Favourite Setup: Long Kitty String, Center-Trac bearing, and white Snow Tires
Occupation: Self-Employed
Favorite Food: Curries! or anything with Buffalo Sauce
Interesting fact: I’ve been to 12 countries
Other Interests: Philosophy/Theology, craft beer, and brewing coffee
A Few Words: Don’t be afraid to intentionally approach creativity. People often sit back and wait for it to strike them like a rogue bolt of lightning. Engage the process with mindfulness and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll discover! Furthermore, let creativity overflow into everything you do. Everybody is creative – how we work our jobs, raise our families, engage our friends, cook our meals, or ride the bus to work – there are opportunities to approach things with inquisitiveness if you just keep an open eye!
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