About the Chief

“Insanely good. Really the best throw I’ve thrown ever.” – Palli

“Everyone that I let use it is in love with it! it’s such a nice width and shape and when Abe mentioned that the cross section looks like antlers I almost flipped out.” – Elliot

“Super stable & great full sized hand feel. I will have more confidence than ever getting on stage with the Chief” – Elliot … again

“Every aspect was carefully thought out and it is in our opinion one of the best freestyle THROWS to date from any company!” – YoYoExpert.com

“It is, by far, one of the smoothest playing jojos I have used. When playing with it I focus on my tricks instead of the jojo because it doesn’t have many of the impurities that will often limit playability.” – Abe

“If it’s good enough for family, It’s good enough for yours!” – JohnBot

“It’s to good, I can’t put it down.” – Alec

“I mean, I mean … it’s okay.” – Boyd Seth

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