About the Canvas

Close up of the Ninja Hurdles edition without engraving

The Canvas is Jensen Kimmitt’s new signature edition for 2011. it was designed by Jensen and me in December 2010 when we were hanging out over Christmas. We weren’t sure where it was going to go, but we just had to get it out of our heads.

We wanted to keep this design simple and create a profile design that was subtle and traditional, ie: FHZ, Bape, circa 2006 … jo-jo’s don’t need to be so complex and oddly shaped. Keep it simple.

The size is the same as the Peak: diameter (2.150in) x width (1.625in) x weight is 66g.

The flat face on the inner hub is 1.50in in diameter to maximize artwork. There is a slight convex to the flat face to make it look like a button.

On the bearing side there is a V-Groove around the outside of the silicone groove. The V-Groove serves two purposes: it leaves a slightly raised surface in the gap to separate the ‘high wall’ from the ‘low wall’ to minimize string friction so that only the ‘low wall’ touches the string and to also remove center weight. The major advantage for the way that we did the V-Groove was that it’ll make a traditional ‘high wall’ jo-jo play like a modern one. Long spin times and fun times.

The inner rim groove is shaped like the Wooly Marmot, Jensen’s first signature jo-jo.

There is no logo for the Canvas. It doesn’t need one. This way the artist can do with it what they please. The first release will have mainly CLYW and Jensen Kimmitt art on it. As we progress on this project we hope to work with other artists in the yoyoing community. I really look forward to seeing where this project goes.

Most of all I am excited to see my friend Jensen excited about throwing again!

The guts: this edition will come with blue k-pads from the Modern YoYoing Days

Comparison Shot – Peak (left), Canvas (middle), Avalanche (right)

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