Abe DaGravedigga, the man with a mustache and an untouchable enthusiasm. Abe’s charisma and innovate style has been wowing audiences for years. Every trick he does has some jaw dropping or knee slapping tale behind it’s creation, and he’s the only player that I know of who often incorporates a passer by’s body as part of a trick.

On his off time from work where he creates culinary masterpieces at one of the best restaurants in the country; Abe also plays banjo, unicycles, juggles, makes experimental music and art, loves physics, and yodels to name just a few of his many other passions.

I hope that everyone can one day have the privilege to meet Abe in person and see what this man is truly capable of.  We are proud to have him in the CLYW family.

Country: U.S.A.
Handed: Right
Added to the team: November 2007
Signature Color-way: The Rockabully
Other Favourite Return Tops: Chief and Yeti
Discipline: Primarily 1A but will dabble in other styles
Occupation: Chef at Travail
Favourite Foods: Olives, dried and cured meats, yogurt, blue cheese and pistachios.
Interesting Fact: If I ever make direct eye contact with a Choco-Taco I have to buy it and eat it. Thems da rules, yo.
Other Interests: Cooking, animation, drawing, playing the banjo, singing (poorly) and knife throwing.
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