In just a few short years after picking up his first return top in 2010, Aaron Davis had forged his play into a seamless creative outlet and passageway to communicate with others. I don’t use the word dope very often, but Aaron has it. His smooth trick style has garnered him attention from worldwide peers, and creating yoyo videos for college courses in the 2010s helped shape his photography and videography work into a career.

Aaron has competed at PNWR, Cal States, BAC and US Nationals since 2011, though competitive yoyo was never his focus and he has since “retired” to our family team. Currently, Aaron lives in Oregon and manages digital content creation for a Japanese forestry company. He continues to travel the world with a CLYW return top, though getting married and settling down with a couple of dogs and cats has forced him to be more responsible about it. He’s a regular in our Discord and continues to pop up at the occasional contest, usually on the west coast, with a camera in hand. If you see him, say hi!

Date of Birth: Feb. 12, 1993
Country: United States
Added to the team: March 2014
Favourite Throws: Chief, Yeti, AC2, Akita
Favourite Setup: Yeti, brand new Sochi string
Discipline: 1A
Occupation: Digital Content Manager
Favorite Food: Clam Chowder, Sushi
Interesting Fact: Aaron started yoyoing in 2011 when he met Clint Armstrong and JT Nickel at their local Pokemon league. 
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