A Day in the Life of Abe: Tour Edition

Life on the road can get a bit tedious at times. But if you’re traveling with Abe, there is never a dull moment. Usually our trips involve a lot of random rest areas, crusty truck stops and all night hauls. But this time, thanks to Mega Bus, we are traveling in style. Besides Abe smuggling a few ducks on board, it’s a smooth, wifi filled ride.

One of the benefits with traveling by Megabus is the room. No cramped car filled with luggage for us. We’ve even got room to throw.

I have no idea what these pictures are about, they’re just awesome. Which is a pretty good metaphor for most of the time spent with Abe.

There are a few tips for road trips that make things go by so much faster. The first is, take off your shoes. Second, make sure you have a LOT of good music. While vinyl isn’t the ideal medium for Megabus trips, when you’re at a legendary record store like Reckless Records, you have to check for that rare Hasil Atkins album.

Sampling a regions fine foods is a must when traveling, and NO trip to Chicago is complete without a Hot Dog, just ask Dylan.

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