28 Stories Cozies by Robin and Jared

When I ran across this post on YoYoNation I knew that these cozies would be perfect for two of our new Wooly Marmot releases that are coming up.  I contacted Robin and Jared right away and they were very eager to help us out.  When our 1st package arrived I was blown away by how amazing the 28 Stories cozies looked.  Robin is such a talented knitter/artist.



Photo by Natasha Paterson


Each 28 Stories Wooly Marmot sold in this 1st run will be snug as a bug in a rug with one of these cozies.  Thank you sooo much Robin and Jared for being so amazing!! 


If you want to get your own custom cozy made they are currently taking orders, so make sure to give Jared a shout if you’re interested (to get in contact with them you can send a PM to ElendilAndurilz through the YYN board).

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