2018 Czech Nationals

The 2018 Czech Nationals was the 15th year of this amazing contest! The Czech Republic has one of the oldest and most accomplished yoyo scenes in Europe, and this year’s event featured plenty of talent including a guest appearance from US player Remy Baskin!

CLYW’s Czech players were at the event, with veteran Petr Kavka once again staying at the top of the field with a 3rd Place finish in the 1A Pro Division and a 2nd Place finish in the 5A Division.

Honza Votrubec competed in 1A Pro Prelims and took 21st, while Tomas Vyletal made it to finals and took 14th.

Another great event from the Czech YoYo Association, and it’s always great to see our team on stage! Check out everyone’s freestyles below!

Petr Kavka – 1A Pro – 3rd Place

Petr Kavka – 5A – 2nd Place

Tomas Vyletal – 1A Pro – 14th Place

Honza Votrubec – 1A Pro Prelims – 21st Place

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