2013 CLYW Video Contest – Results!

First off I wanted to thank everyone for putting the time into creating such wonderful works of art! We were blown away by all of the amazing videos that came in for Round 1, and the top 10 did not disappoint for Round 2. Our favourite video was CMAK’s, it had everything we were looking for and more. It had a great story and was visually stunning. WOW!  

CMAK is the winner of the full 2014 Collection, we’ll be shipping him an Arctic Circle: 2nd Expedition, Gnarwhal 2, Bonfire and Puffin 2. Once we get back from holidays we’ll start shipping everything out to our contestants.

If you haven’t seen CMAK’s video yet YOU’VE GOT TO WATCH THIS! CONGRATS CMAK! 

We also have a few honourable mentions:

For Most Inspiring, we have the Trinity YoYo Club’s video. It was incredibly touching and definitely catches what yoyoing is all about to all of us. We really enjoyed your use of the skateboarding quote. The Trinity YoYo Club has done so much for yoyoing this year and has helped inspire a whole new generation of throwers. Hats off to you guys!

For Most Dope, we have Andy Jones’ video. I think this has happened to all of us, you’re completely in the zone feeling like a yoyo rockstar and then BAM taken right back down with the words How old are you? You sure brought it Andy and we’re super impressed with how good you’re getting. WOW!

For Slickest Tricks, we have Chase Baxter. You brought the tricks, well done!

Each of these honourable mentions will be getting a brand new Bonfire along with a Yeti for winning Round 1. Thanks so much guys!

Now check out the rest of the videos from Round 2, man these guys made it hard for us! Thanks again for putting the time into sharing with us what you love about yoyoing. We definitely felt it! We’ll be shipping out your Yetis as soon as we get back from our break.

Ryan McDonnell

Alexis JV

Shinnosuke Ishizuka (wild card)

Lazar Medvedev

Greg Pettit

Matthew Warren

Takayasu Murakami

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We’re out of here!

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