September 2012

The Cliff

Introducing Petr Kavka’s new sig return top, ‘the Cliff’ Designed by both Petr and I at Worlds to exactly his specification Stats: 59.5mm Dia x 44.8mm W x 67.9g (made in Canada) Coming soon …

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New Baby Girl!!!

Hi Everyone! I have some exciting news! We just got home from the hospital with a beautiful brand new baby girl!! Marin Virginia Anne Mikulin – 7lbs 13oz I’m going to be taking a break over the next couple weeks so if you don’t hear from me or don’t get an answer to an email

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The Gnarwhal

New Gnarwhals just arrived … here’s a teaser for one of the new colourways. I asked for blue/light blue acidwash with clear speckles … and this is what we got. OH MY HEART! Definitely going to be a new regular for us!

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