2012 Canadian Nationals

Canada Nats was held on August 18th and was the 3rd year that it has been held in Calgary, Alberta. It was a huge success thanks to Ibrahim Itani (the organizer), all of the volunteers that helped coordinate this event, and the players who came far and wide to join in the fun. We had way more competitors from out east than we usually get, which was really great to see. Alexis from Montreal and Team SPYY sat on a bus for a gruelling 3 days to get to the event, which in the end was definitely well worth it. He is the new Canadian National Champ in both 1A and Open.

CLYW sure did amazing as well! Chuck defended his title and ended up with 2nd place with a freestyle that was pure art! You truly have a style all of your own Chuck! Amazing!

… and Harrison WOWED the crowd with his lightening speed and got 4th! I believe that last year he ended up with 15th, so what an amazing improvement. Well done Harrison! Here’s his freestle:

Huge thanks to Harry Lee and Nick Jong for doing the filming and editing!

Harrison also put together a great photo album and video recapping the event! Hope you enjoy it!

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