July 2011

Rockabully at Worlds

Rockabully – Abe Da Gravedigga’s Signature Edition Sasquatch This isn’t just your everyday black speckled return-top. About 50% of the clear speckles are actually not anodized and are raw aluminum. Abe came up with this idea, because he wanted the speckles to oxidize and look aged over time, just like the studs on his old […]

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New Sasquatch Colours!

Smokey Lake Sasquatch, Red With Black Speckled Sasquatch and the Abominable Snowman Two of these colourways have already been up for sale for about a week at Krisztian Kaluzsa’s store: Throw-YoYo.co.uk. Same as Krisztian I just couldn’t wait to get them out there, so I sent him ones that were not engraved yet. The ones

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redbike x CLYW

Bikes … return-tops … both things that spin. It’s just natural that we’d do something together! These are now for sale at redbike. 12 Avalanches and 12 Sasquatches were made. Checkout their online store now to pick them up link link link. redbike is also officially the first store to carry CLYW return-tops in Edmonton!

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