2011 Vancouver Return-Top Competition

I had such a blast in Vancouver last weekend. What a fun contest! Can’t believe how much yoyoing is growing out there right now. It’s so great! So many talented yoyoers. So many great people. Jeremy really did a great job organizing this contest.

Huge shout out to: Jeremy, Harrison Lee and his parents, Dennis Chui for doing such a great job on the sound, my partners in crime that helped me out with judging – Nick and Richard, Nick again for hosting me (sorry I didn’t eat my eggs), Ibs (you are one of the nicest people I know), Westcoast Radboys Jay and Tyrone, Junhong (watch out for this kid), SPYY Steve, … basically everyone there! It was great to see you and I can’t wait for WCR!

MEGA VIDEO highlights:

Future Champs:

Harrison Lee and Me

Video credit goes to Mr. Nick Jong

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