2011 Canadian Nationals

Thank-you to everyone that made it out to the 2011 CNRTC. It was so nice to see so many new faces there. At one point during the day we completely packed the theater! A surprising amount of people came from BC this year, thanks to the work that Dennis Chui and the Vancouver YoYo Club has been doing out there.

Jungyo and Chuck right before they were going up for finals.

Adamn Hunter and Ian Anderson were amazing MC’s for the day … they definitely got people rolling on the floor with their witty banter.

Ian (left), Adam (right) Photo by Dennis Chui

We were quite lucky again this year to receive a demo from Dick Moffat, an ex Cheerio/Duncan/Russel demonstrator. At 85 years old he was still able to do tricks with a $1 yoyo that no one else could do that day at the contest. It was mesmerizing. Dick and Ed Haponik swapped tricks back and forth on stage and it was sure something special to see.

Dick Moffat showing his yoyoing wizardry.

HUGE thank-you to Adam and Tammy for being such amazing co-organizers. Dennis and Wendy for coming through in so many ways while I was scrambling for last minute details and for doing the massive BANNER! Ian for being such a fantastic MC. Ed, Tressley and Seth for coming all the way out here to be judges. Tressley for doing the artwork and website for the contest. Steve from SPYY for coming through big time with prizes and medals. Thank-you Nick for taking such great video footage and for posting it up on youtube so quickly.

I’m so excited for yoyoing in Canada …


ps: Word on the street was that more Avalanches went back to BC then people! Call search and rescue!

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