July 2010

Palli Puffin Gnargen

Here’s a neat sneak peek of what we’ve been working on for Palli. This special edition of the Gnarwhal has, what we are calling, ‘rifle marks’ on the profile. These grooves are only about .001″ deep and were done prior to bead blasting/anodizing so you can barely feel them while you’re doing a grind. We […]

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Chuck Chuck CHUCK!

Chuck has really been stepping up this year! Last month his epic video Golden Age and now he clenches 2nd place at Canada Nationals plus drops a great yo-yo demo video! Some may say hes “Up and Coming”, but with the skills he’s been throwing down, we think he’s already arrived! 2010 Canadian National Return-Top

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Congrats to Krisztian AND his wife Corli for a 1-2 punch at UK Nats. Krisztain delivered on his goal of the National Title, but hot on his heals was Corli! Has a husband/wife rivalry ever happened in the competitive yo-yo circuit?

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