April 2010

Gnar Gnar the Gnarwhal …

Artwork by: YoYoFactory Team Member Jensen Kimmitt They’re almost ready!! I’ve been busy over the last couple days stamping boxes and assembling Gnarwhals. I’m sooooo excited for this release. This is probably my favourite CLYW return top to date. I just can’t put them down. So much fun and they spin forever. Yay! Stay tuned […]

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Adam’s Gun Shots

Adam dropped off this sick video this morning with a note: Came up with the idea for adding hooks mid-suicide last night. Here are a few variations I came up with since then. O, you know, just something I came up with last night! Gunshots from Adam Brewster on Vimeo.

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Congratulations Elliot!!

It’s no secret that team CLYW is made up of a group of very talented individuals … and not just with yoyoing (and/or return topping). A couple days ago Elliot won a school wide graphic design award for “Best Advertising / Marketing”. It was for Ghirardelli hot chocolate packaging. Sooo well done!! Check it out!!

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