January 2010

MADFEST!!!! 2010

The Wisconsin State Yo-Yo contest was this weekend at a Juggling/return top festival called Madfest.  Competing from Team CLYW were Alex Berenguel, JohnBot and Abe.   Congratulations to Alex for coming in 1st with an amazing freestyle!!!!  Sooooo sick!!!  I believe he was also using his new signature return top the Sasquatch and we’ve heard some really

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Hello There!!!   I just wanted to update you all on the new stock that was just added to the store this week.  We had an unfortunate mishap with our small bearing Bassalopes: they look beautiful, but they have vibe.  It’s not enough to notice during play (unless all you do is grinds, but still they

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2009 What a Year!!!

    2009 was an amazing year for CLYW.  We came into 2009 with 5 team members (Boyd, Sebastian, Jensen, Alex and Adam) and 2 production yoyos (Peak and Bear vs Man).  Then things just EXPLODED!!!  WOW I don’t even know where to start.  We did soooooo much this year …  

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