September 2009

Canadian Crest Marmots

We just got these in!!  The layout and colourway were designed by Jensen Kimmitt.  These crests are on the front of the Canadian passports, so all of the international travel he has been doing this year must have had something to do with it.  This Wooly Marmot will only be available at our store and we only have 19 of them.  They’ll be going up

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NEW Bassalopes!!

3 new colourways will be available soon for Sebastian Brock’s signature yoyo the Bassalope.  There are only about 20 of each edition that will be available in this first run.  Check them out!!  They should be shipping to stores later this week.   Fishy Fire Edition   Bionicalope Edition   Algae Edition   All photos by Natasha Paterson

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Last weekend, Zach and Adam went down to Oklahoma to compete at SCR.  They did soooo well and had a really great time hanging out and trading tricks.  Congrats guys, you looked great!!    Here are the top 5 results:   1st Yuuki Spencer 2nd Jesse Garcia 3rd Miguel Correa 4th Zach Gormley 5th Adam

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