June 2009

CLYW x Zach x Peak

Here’s a sweet new video from our flow team member Zach Gormley. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!  Really great new tricks Zach.  I liked the name: Caribou Man!! … so smooth.  Also…we’ve just found out that Zach will be going to Worlds this year.  Can’t wait!!   Clyw x Zach x Peak from Zach Gormley on Vimeo.

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Japan Nationals 2009

  Ryosuke/Shinya/Ryosuke   Last weekend was also Japan Nat’s where we had our newest CLYW member, Ryosuke Iwasawa representing CLYW.  Thank you so much for sending us your photos from the contest, Ryosuke.  It sure looked like you had a great time.  I really enjoyed your freestyle.  So amazing!!!!  Hopefully next year we’ll be able

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