Michael Kurti

United States

Michael Kurti, the true gentlemen with an outlaw’s badassery. When he speaks he is fully collected and humble, but as soon as that string unwinds a return top, it all goes Super Saiyan. To get with some surfer lingo, this kid simply shreds, constantly redefining what we consider to be dope. The new generation has arrived and it’s on a whole other level.

On his off hours, Michael can be seen out cruising on his board, teaching scout troops how to make canoes out of duct tape and chicken wire, helping a granny cross the street (seriously, he’s the nicest dude ever), or sitting back with a nice cup of tea.

It’s a privilege to have Michael as a team member and a friend, and we look forward to watching him continue to flourish. His signature return top, the Igloo, is in his words “the best return top I’ve ever tried”.

Birthday: June 18, 1997
Country: USA
On CLYW Since: January 2013
Discipline: 1a & 5a
Handed: Right
Signature Return Top: Igloo
Favourite Throws: Bonfire, Avalanche
Favourite Setup: Yellow string, Center Trac bearing, blue Snow Tires
Occupation: Scholar
Favorite Food: Pat’s Cheesesteaks
Interesting Fact: I actually build igloos every winter.
2014 Mid-Atlantic Regionals – 1st
2013 US Nationals 1a – 5th
2013 NER 5a – 2nd
2013 NER 1a – 3rd
2013 MA States – 1a 2nd
2013 BAC 5a – 3rd
2012 BAC 5a – 3rd
2010 MA States 1a – 4th
2010 NER 5a – 4th
2010 BAC 5a – 6th

Signature Throw

Igloo Igloo